1. Trouble

From the recording Blue Run

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© Brian Nelson January 2014

Walking down the street not a penny to my name
Feeling last night’s sins I’m the only one to blame
Walk into the bar to pay off last night’s dues
Hope there’s room on the card I left with you
Then I hear these words coming from across the room

Here’s trouble, don’t want to know his name
Look at him stumble, trying to walk off the shame
He came in here with a bunch of friends
Left with a waitress at nights end
Nothin but trouble

Look I’m just here to pay my tab
I know it’s gonna hurt after the night we had
But I’m not going to hang my head in shame
So give me my card and I’ll sign my name
If that ain’t too much trouble

You may think I’m trouble, don’t want to know my name
Don’t know my story, or where I’ve been
I may look like a bum that just walked in
I’m just guy who met some long lost friends
And a girl who was worth the trouble

I’m not asking you to understand, not asking you to lend a hand
I’m just here to pay and be on my way

You don’t know trouble, or the hell I’ve been in
Don’t want to hear my story, you’ll never sleep again
I have no time to sit and talk to you
I’m out the door, my card went through
Nothing but trouble

There goes trouble
Nothing but Trouble