From the recording Slow Burn

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We’ll Never Know the Truth
© Brian Nelson

At 3am in a bad part of town
Cops beat another man down
Reporters show up to break the scene
But they’re hiding things from you and me
Was there probable cause a reason to pursue
Or an honest man being abused
They’ll fan the flames to make a name
And we’ll never know the truth

The truth to me ain’t the truth to you
It all depends on your point of view
From the cheap seats it always makes sense
Someone broke the law or someone’s bent
There is another crime seldom seen
It’s holding back the truth from you and me
Cooking up fiction and selling lies
It’s all about the numbers and alibis

People burn buildings and point the blame
Shut down the highway martyr in a grave
It’s all about race, it’s all about style
He had baggy pants, racially profiled
Smoke and mirrors from the news you see
Keep the ratings high keep kicking the bees
The more we fight the more we lose
And we’ll never know the truth
Nah we’ll never know the truth