Honorable Mention for Nov/Dec Lyric contest in American Songwriter Magazine. http://americansongwriter.com/2017/10/lyric-contest-winners-novemberdecember-2017/

"I've always looked at it this way, if the song is good enough people will help push it. If it isn't, I need to write a better song." -Brian Nelson

I absolutely love the honest and realistic outlook this artist has. His songwriting is excellent and his music is now on the radio getting played. We couldn't be prouder of him. #BrianNelson #SlowBurn LeAnn Sellers-Black Diamond Brian Nelson Singer Songwriter -Brandy Runyan Black Diamond PR Firm

"Brian is a singer-songwriter to watch for, and most importantly, listen to.  These songs are full of heart, truth and sorrow -- tender, sweet, and and edgy all in one.  He roots to the country tradition but still rises all on his own.  Great voice, great songs -- mighty well done" - Melvin Litton, singer-songwriter, Lawrence, KS

Brian has been perfecting his craft for the past three years and has found the genre of ALT - Country or Americana Folk music, best describes his unique flavor. "Brian has a wonderful talent of taking true to life experiences that we've all dealt with and envelopes it with rhythm and melody. You know the kind of song that makes you say to yourself… "OMG…he just sang my life". Quoted a Black Diamond PR Representative.